LedFoil cooperates with market leader Unilumin

Oulu, 5 July 2024

Finnish LedFoil Finland Oy and Chinese Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. have agreed on a cooperation, according to which Unilumin will develop and manufacture products based on LedFoil’s innovative LED display technology. An example of these is the unique ice screen, which has been designed to withstand harsh conditions inside the ice, offering unique visual solutions for ice sports events. By combining LedFoil’s patented technology with Unilumin’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, high-quality and durable displays will be offered for a wide variety of applications, including sports and entertainment events.

According to LedFoil’s management, cooperation with the market leader not only ensures high quality for LedFoil’s products, but also that the company is able to meet the expanding demand for its products, which is estimated to start already at the end of this year, especially in North America. At the end of June, LedFoil agreed with its Canadian partner Athletica Sport Systems Inc., the market leader in ice hockey rinks, to supply the ice screens to Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, the home arena of the Canadian OHL team Kitchener Rangers. The arena will serve as a showroom for LedFoil’s unique ice screens in North America during the 2024-25 season.

In the future, the companies’ goal is to expand the cooperation to also cover marketing and sales.

Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese listed company established in 2004, which is known for its innovative and high-quality products. Unilumin offers a wide range of professional LED application services, which include LED display and lighting products and Metasight solutions. Unilumin is the market leader with more than 2,200 patents.

More information: https://www.unilumin.com

LedFoil Finland Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2015, which e.g. develops LED display technology suitable for demanding conditions. LedFoil’s technology enables the realization of very thin and light, as well as transparent and flexible LED screens. LedFoil’s technology has been patented in Europe, North America and Asia in a total of 25 countries.

For more information: https://ledfoil.com

A showroom for LedFoil’s in-ice screens in North America

Oulu, 26 June 2024

Finnish companies LedFoil Finland Oy and LedSport Oy have signed a contract with the Canadian Athletica Sport Systems Inc. for the in-ice LED screens developed by LedFoil to be installed to Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, which is the home arena of OHL team Kitchener Rangers. The arena will be a showroom for LedFoil’s unique LED screens in North America in 2024-25. E.g. the OHL league and some universities have already agreed familiarization visits to the arena. The showroom is a remarkable opening for LedFoil’s in-ice LED screens in North America, enabling orders for the 2025-26 season.

Athletica Sport Systems Inc., a leader in arena services is a designer, manufacturer, and installer of dasher board systems for hockey arenas and multi-sport athletic facilities, serving the professional, semi-pro and community end-markets. Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, the company also has offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Vancouver, British Columbia. Athletica is the Preferred Rink Equipment Supplier to the National Hockey League (NHL), American Hockey League (AHL) and USA Hockey.

To learn more: https://www.athletica.com/

LedFoil Finland Oy is a Finnish technology company developing LED displays for incredibly challenging conditions such as ice. The displays are based on LedFoil’s technology, which enables the realization of fragile and light and transparent and flexible displays. LedFoil’s technology has been patented in Europe, North America, and Asia in 14 countries.

To learn more: https://ledfoil.com/

LedSport Oy is a subsidiary of LedFoil Finland Oy, which operates as a seller of LED screens based on LedFoil technology.