Frame It’s (LedFoil Finland Ltd) website uses cookies and third-party cookies to improve and personalize the user experience, to collect information about the amount of visitors, information about the most popular content, and to identify visitors who visit the site frequently.

What cookies do we use?

Mandatory cookies
Frame It’s website uses mandatory cookies that allow the site to function in the user’s browser. These cookies store e.g. information about what other cookies the user has accepted for use. These cookies do not collect information about the user that could be used for marketing or to remember the sites chosen by the user.

Analytic cookies
Google Analytics is used for visitor analytics on Frame It’s website. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how users use the website. The cookie stores information about how you use the web service (including your IP address). Cookie information is sent and stored on Google’s servers. The data may therefore be located outside the EU.

Marketing cookies
The website also sets cookies for advertising targeting purposes. These cookies are set by Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. The website uses cookies to collect information about how users use the site. The information collected by these cookies is used to compile reports, help to improve the site and support our marketing.

Managing and blocking cookies

You can disable cookies or otherwise manage cookies in the settings of the browser you are using. You can change your Internet browser settings so that you are notified whenever cookies are being sent to your computer. Alternatively, you can block the use of cookies altogether. The use of cookies can be restricted or blocked via an Internet browser (see your browser’s instructions for more information). If you block or disable the storage of cookies, some functions of our website may not work properly.

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